Making iPhone & iPad cases is just too fun

I’m getting the feeling I’m about to buy an iPad really soon, just to see how my protective cases will look in real life. Here’s a showcase of my Speck cases made at

Create personalized gifts at Zazzle.

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My first cases for iPhone and iPad

…just wishing I had an iPhone and iPad myself :-)

Anyway, the day came when you could start designing your own protective cases for iPhones and iPads at, and here are my first designs:

Adventurous Rubber Duck speckcase
Adventurous Rubber Duck by gnurf
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The image was made with Xara Xtreme Pro (now updated to Xara Designer Pro).

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FAQ Phone Support

So what do lazy cartoonists do when they don’t draw new stuff? Recycling old clip art and simply adding some “funny” text, making it a cartoon :-)

This cartoon is made from my computer support stock illustration (sounds better than “clip art”), available for example from iStockphoto and ClipartOf.

Made with Xara Designer Pro.

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Clip art download update

To take some load off my website traffic I decided to upload my free clip art ZIP-files to somewhere else.

During the last years I have noticed the increasing popularity of file sharing sites like RapidShare and MegaUpload. After some research I decided to try FileSonic, so at the moment I am moving my ZIP-files one at a time.

I do not have the time to update all download links in one day, meaning some download will be on this site while others will take you to FileSonic. If you have problems with the downloads, please contact me that I may fix any errors.

PS. I was also recommended to try, but for some reason the site was unreachable yesterday. Instead I chose FileSonic – perhaps I will add Uploading as a downloading alternative in the future.

If any readers have experience with FileSonic and Uploading (or any other alternative), please feel free to post comments that can help me out.

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Adobe CS4 does not accept your valid registration code

Adobe Systems Incorporated

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Alright, once again I came across a silly Adobe “feature” while trying to install Adobe Design Standard CS4 – the installation did not accept my registration code I had acquired from Adobe’s volume licensing site (meaning you can make multiple installation from one installation media).

I have a set of Design Premium CS4 discs, but I only need the standard edition and a few Indesign installations. I did three successful installations on brand new Windows 7 workstations, and then with the fourth workstation it did not work any more. I could not understand why! It was an identical workstation, and I did it exactly as before (at least I thought so), but the registration code was not accepted! I uninstalled and reinstalled, but without success!

To top it all, when I tried to check the code at the LWS site I got this response: “Adobe does not recognize you as an authorized user of this web site”. WTF! I had similar problems last time I tried to log in and reset my password etc, except that last time I could log in. Oh well, while I waited for a response from Adobe I tried one last thing…

The thing is that I did not install the English CS4 on an English version of  Windows! And during the install the installation software asks in what language do you want to install CS4, and it suggests the localization language (which happened to be Swedish in this case).

So after I once uninstalled CS4 I reinstalled and chose to accept the License Agreement in English and chose English as the installation language, and that was it!

When I started the first CS4 application I could enter the registration code I had used earlier and it was happily accepted!

Personal thought: It seems that when any company grows too big and have most competition either out-competed or bought-up the sloppiness and arrogance starts to show. We have seen this with QuarkXpress and Microsoft, and now with Adobe… I already had weird installation issues with CS3 (see previous post) and obviously it continues. Too bad, perhaps I should check out Quark Xpress again?

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